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A Trusted and Prompt Provider of Professional and Cost-Effective AC Repair Services

That Keep The Pace With the Fast Growing Community of Pace FL

Pace FL the Early Years

Founded by James C. Pace who opened the Pace Mill ( later the Florida Pulp and Paper Company) in 1907, Pace FL has gradually evolved into a cutting-edge, vibrant and exciting community that provides an interactive, inclusive, stimulating and safe living environment, exceptional quality of life as well as a thriving and dynamic business environment encompassing numerous local companies that have contributed to job growth in the area. The western gateway to Santa Rosa County, weaving together small-town charm with big city amenities, Pace FL is located between Pensacola and Milton FL and is the fastest growing community in Northwest Florida, boasting stellar educational institutions, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, a multitude of housing options with steadily increasing home values as well as a burgeoning array of refined restaurants, entertainment venues, retail shopping, lush recreational areas and annual events.

With a population that has skyrocketed over the last couple of years to over 53,000, its low crime rate, low property taxes and close proximity to numerous Northwest Florida attractions, the prosperous yet close-knit, laid-back and accessible community of Pace FL provides a hometown atmosphere with strong family values, a slower pace of life coupled with all the conveniences arising from modern urban life, ensuring outstanding living and working experiences alike for all its community-minded residents.

Although the Pace FL area enjoys a warm climate with sunny summers ( on average 229 sunny days per year) and short, mild winters, significant rainfall ( about 63 inches per year) makes the area prone to high humidity levels. Because Pace’s comfort index is as low as 28 out of 100, quality and professionally installed air conditioning systems that run smoothly are a must-have for healthy living and working conditions as well as optimum comfort for all Pace FL residents.

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AC Repair in Pace FL



AC-Repair-Pensacola-FLAt McCullough & Sons we understand that your central AC system is a valuable investment that in addition to routine maintenance (such as changing air filters once a month) which can be handled by most homeowners, it also requires the specialized help of a trusted and licensed AC company to handle professionally other vital maintenance tasks such as brushing obstructions/ dirt/soot from the condenser and compressor, in order to keep it running at optimum parameters, to maximize energy efficiency and to extend the life of the central AC system. Duct leakage is another common problem affecting the AC system and it can sap anywhere between 20 to 40% of the energy out of even an optimally operating AC system, when ducts pass outside the cooled space. Our expert team of AC technicians can help you increase energy efficiency by sealing the ducts properly and installing the most efficient products for insulating ducts located outside.

If the central air conditioning system in your home or business office has either broken down or frozen up or is simply not cooling your living or working environment as effectively as it used to, there is just one solution that combines reliability, convenience and cost-effectiveness – professional AC repair service provided by a trusted and reputable AC company in Pace FL. If you want to have all your AC system issues solved in a timely and efficient manner the first time, look no further than McCullough & Sons.

True to our reputation as Pace FL’s premier and most trusted AC repair company, with an unrivaled professional experience of more than 25 years and unmatched expertise in the industry, our highly trained, fully licensed, insured and bonded AC experts stand behind their workmanship with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, making McCullough & Sons your #1 AC company to call whenever you are in need of professional, reliable, prompt and budget-friendly AC repair work.

Why Choose McCullough & Son’s For Your AC Repair Needs?

Craiglist-Graphic-DPCH2014Through our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of expertise and professionalism, unparalleled promptness and the most competitive rates in the East Hill FL area, we allow our health-conscious and budget-conscious customers to rest assured that their money, investments and time will not be taken for granted. Recommended by unrivaled expertise, exceptional technical skills, unmatched AC repair technique, complete dedication and reliability, as well as by the use of state-of-the-art AC repair equipment, the expert, caring and courteous team of McCullough & Son’s has fully earned the trust of East Hill FL residents, homeowners and business owners alike.

At McCullough & Son’s our mission is to make it easier for you and your loved ones to enjoy optimum levels of comfort, while effectively reducing the risk of various medical conditions associated with poor quality of indoor air. Whenever you need top-quality, fast, efficient and budget-friendly AC repair services for your East Hill FL home or business building, do not hesitate to call McCullough & Son’s (850) 221-2305, because we would be delighted to help you restore the comfort of your home and optimize the energy efficiency of your home or office. Call us today for a free estimate on new units only!

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About AC Repair


McCullough & Son's air conditioning company is here when you need help.

Common AC repairs we address for the Emerald Coast homes & businesses include:

  1. Balance the return & supply
  2. Rooms not cooling
  3. AC unit not blowing cold air
  4. Thermostat Problems
  5. Refrigerant leaks
  6. Leaky Ducts
  7. Noisy units
  8. High utility bills

A Trusted and Prompt Provider of Professional and Cost-Effective AC Repair Services

That Keep The Pace With the Fast Growing Community of Pace FL

AC Repair Services

Our Unparalleled AC Repair Services Keep The Pace With The Fast Growing Community of Pace FL and Its Residents’ Specific AC Repair Needs

At McCullough & Son’s we care about the solid reputation we have built over the years in the Santa Rosa County and this is why we are utterly committed to cater professionally to the specific air conditioning repair needs of all our esteemed and budget-minded Pace FL customers, both homeowners and business owners, by providing AC repair services to the highest standards of professionalism and workmanship.

A Trusted AC Company

When you choose our company as your trusted partner to get your central AC back up and running, you can rest assured that you will also benefit from unmatched promptness and the most competitive rates in Pace FL, because at McCullough & Son’s we understand that your money is as valuable as your time. Our friendly and courteous team of AC specialists is equipped with the latest tools and technologies in the industry, arrives promptly at your location due to our strict-on-time policy and it has the necessary knowledge, skills and dedication to handle any type of AC issue you may be confronting with in virtually no time, for your peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort of your Pace FL home or business.

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Do not hesitate to call McCullough & Son’s at (850) 221-2305 or to contact our team of certified and specialized AC technicians if you have any questions or want to learn more about our professional air conditioning repair services in Pace FL or you choose to avail your accurate written quote for the necessary AC repair work. You are also welcome to call today for a free quote on new AC units!